Meet the gamechanger of contemporary art: Rob van Daal. Year of construction: 1962. A non-conformist of the purest kind. He is unstoppable in his home country of the Netherlands and is increasingly being noticed by the early adopters in Europe and the rest of the world. This is because his work is, by definition, overwhelmingly present, always and everywhere. It moves, excites, amazes, and entertains people.

This website lists an overview of his canvases and objects, which draw all attention to themselves with an overwhelming hurricane force. If not in appearance, then they do so in colour, charm, or bombastic volume. Irresistible. His Vandaalistic art boldly takes up a space and instantly changes its character. One piece from his rapidly growing portfolio can achieve unprecedented things. His originality and productivity take on unconventional forms.

Van Daal’s work abruptly affects perceptions of the surroundings. It is as if one of the self-taught artist’s canvases or objects causes a radical change in the essential existence of the place. That is his strength as well as his passion. And he does not take the slightest bit of notice of the prevailing mores in the métier. Van Daal enters the no-go areas undisturbed and consistently, adding a new dimension to modern art. In business and in private, he manoeuvres deftly and accurately in the intersection between art and design.

Abstract, expressive, figurative. By experimenting with colour on linen and brightly realistic objects, this maker creates his own style. Defies existing concepts. It’s just Rob van Daal. It’s just VanDaalistic. Insanely original, astonishingly recognizable.

When selling, all canvases and objects come with a certificate of authenticity with the maker’s signature.


People can experience the overwhelming work of Rob van Daal in galleries in the Netherlands and abroad. The unique ‘Limited Edition Animal Art Collection’ can be viewed by appointment at the permanent exhibition ‘ANIMALS TO LOVE’ at the head office of VHB Group International in Sprang-Capelle. The story behind it is the friendship between the artist Rob van Daal and the businessman Bob Rulkens, CEO of VHB Group International.

This is exactly as it should be: a creative individual and an entrepreneur reinforcing each other. The name of the operating company
RvD & BR Art B.V. is derived from the initials of the two gentlemen.


For those who recognize and acknowledge what Rob van Daal’s work does to the area in which it is exhibited, the artist also makes customized work. A visit to the home or another location is the preliminary study. He looks, reads the surroundings, talks with the client, and listens to the client’s preferences. From this mix of ingredients and personal characteristics, customized art is created in the studio that is only suitable for that specific person and place. ‘A request for customized art always adds an extra dimension to my work,’ confirms the artist himself. ‘It is very nice to know in advance where the work will end up. I take that into account when creating these special pieces of art in my studio.’ Van Daal is now responsible for the complete artistic furnishing and decoration of various private houses, business premises, and (para)medical practice areas.

Another available option is to hire his works. Both companies and private individuals can rent art objects for specific events for short or long periods of time.

Are you interested in a work of art or the Vandaalistic style? Look for more information in the gallery or contact us.